Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-243-7
  • Pages: 320
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Almost everyone has had a moment when they've felt a connection to an animal. Animal communicator Marta Williams says this is the basis of animal communication and it's a skill anyone can develop. Williams's background as a scientist informs her logical step-by-step approach to learning the "language" of animals — a process combining mental imagery, visualization, deep listening, and tuning in to one's intuition. Practical advice and proven techniques are interwoven with inspiring real-life accounts. Williams also discusses ways to use these skills to find lost animals, help animals heal from injury or illness, and explore similar deep connections with nature and the earth.


“If we are to survive, we must begin to listen to our nonhuman neighbors. The good news is that it's easy, and Marta Williams, in her extraordinary book Learning Their Language, shows us how. Step-by-step she reveals the ease with which we all can begin to re-enter the ongoing conversations that surround us each day. This is a necessary book for anyone who loves a cat, dog, horse, tree, or any of the wild creatures who, too, call this their home.”
— Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words

“Animals have senses that transcend our five and it is within this realm that true communication with all life occurs. This wonderful book by Marta Williams serves as verification of and instruction in the magical world of animal communication.”
— Martin Goldstein, DVM, holistic veterinarian and author of The Nature of Animal Healing

“In our society's blinding addiction to reason, our intuition has nearly been extinguished. Allow the message in this book to rekindle your inner connection with all life.”
— Julia Butterfly Hill, activist and author of The Legacy of Luna and One Makes the Difference