The Celtic Way of Expanding the Human Soul
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On a trip to Scotland, the psychotherapist family team of Adele, Deborah, and Thomas McCormick — pioneers in the psychotherapeutic use of horses — discovered that early Celtic mysticism held important insights into an equestrian-partnered spirituality. The McCormicks show how to integrate this spirituality with psychology, forming a new, powerful form of healing. Horses and the Mystical Path recounts their memorable journey and the lessons they learned from their amazing equine guides.


“Beautifully written, graceful, and wise.”
— Rupert Sheldrake

Horses and the Mystical Path reveals the oneness of all life and how we humans bene?t when we reduce the barriers between animals and ourselves. Animals have much to teach us, and we are healthier when we allow these communications to ?ower. Horses and the Mystical Path shows the universality of consciousness and the sacredness of all life — a lesson our world desperately needs.”
— Dr. Larry Dossey, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“Strap yourself into a Celtic saddle for a stirring mystical ride into the horse-human relationship. The McCormicks take us on a provocative journey through spirit, time, and place, aiding our parched souls to soak up ancient Celtic and Su? as well as modern Celtic-Christian wisdom for coming into right relationship with all living things. This book will open the heart of readers to the divine in nature, and in themselves, through one of our most ancient of teachers and most beloved of co-walkers: the horse.”
— Frank MacEowen, Celtic shamanic guide and author of The Mist-Filled Path

“An engaging, accessible exploration of ancient myths, modern psycho-spiritual theory, and profound personal experience. The McCormicks follow their horses into a deeper, more soulful realm, one where four-legged sages tutor, enliven, and uplift the human spirit.”
— Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus and Riding between the Worlds