Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of Your Child
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  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-349-9
  • Pages: 168
  • 1 Hardcover
  • Size: 6.00 x 7.50


Dog owners expecting a baby often have concerns. Can their dog adjust to not being their humans’ one and only? Is it possible for a dog to love a new baby — or at least tolerate the bundle of joy? The author has seen dog owners feel forced to choose baby over dog and has created a do-able twelve-step process to make this unnecessary. Do-able means that busy expectant parents can easily incorporate these practices pre-birth. Wombacher helps readers emphasize the dog’s place in the “human pack” and preempt competition; resolve problems like barking, jumping up, and separation anxiety; and acknowledge behaviors that simply aren’t compatible with a new baby. Ample how-to photos and an attractive paper-over-board format make this a guide as practical as it is gift-worthy.


“There’s excellent advice in this guide....This book will become a much loved workbook.”
— Fit Pregnancy

“Well written and edited, with excellent photographs and illustrations.”
— Dog World

“Michael Wombacher is a maestro of dog trainers. His clarity of thinking, sense of humor, and skills in communicating make dog training fun for both pet and pet lover.”
— Michael Tilson Thomas, music director of the San Francisco Symphony

“Consistently provides practical, gentle methods for molding dog behavior.”
— Jeffrey Bryan, DVM

“Simply great! A must for all expecting dog owners. Full of useful information to help ease a big transition.”
— Dean Beyerink, DVM

“Written with style and humor by one who truly understands dogs and the relationships they have with their families.”
— Joyce Weidman, DVM