21 Writers on Animals They Have Loved and Lost
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Because “grieving for an animal can be a pretty lonely place,” Barbara Abercrombie created this joyful, poignant, funny, and smart collection of commiseration. Readers meet the cat who entered a neighbor’s window and got in bed with strangers, the dog who demanded down pillows, and even a coyote who became part of the family. The essays highlight the sometimes surprising things animals add to a household — and how their loss reverberates. Because these are such fine writers, each essay also reveals larger truths about life. Whether the reader is grieving a loss, cherishing a current companion, or simply relishing a tale well told, the message is clear: it is better to have loved and lost...

* All royalties will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society
* Includes stories by Anne Lamott, Jane Smiley, Jacqueline Winspear, Carolyn See, Mark Doty, and many others


“Pet owners everywhere will thank Barbara Abercrombie for pulling together this moving collection. The writing in these pages not only provides comfort but offers a master class in storytelling as well.”
Jennie Nash, author of The Threadbare Heart

“Death is not always pretty, and the words that comfort aren’t always those that speak of rainbow bridges or angel choirs. Cherished goes to the gut, earthy and honest, offering no easy answers but an assurance that if loving and losing a pet leaves you feeling simultaneously crazy, bewildered, and weirdly blessed, you are not alone.”
Rev. Gary Kowalski, author of Goodbye, Friend

“Animals warm and boost our spirits, and fill some of the dark and disconnected cracks in life. It’s wonderful to read the reflections of creative people sharing this experience, as these writers have done so beautifully and poignantly in Cherished.”
Jon Katz, author of Rose in a Storm and The Dogs of Bedlam Farm

“These stories, more than anything, are about life, about tolerance and compromise. They are full of humor and tenderness for our beasty friends and us, their human cohorts.”
Linda Hunt, actress