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Entries for March 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Balance of Power by Linda Kohanov
By Samy AbulEla

Over a hundred years ago, a budding naturalist noticed that mutual aid was a significant factor in determining fitness for survival. Prince Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin, an early fan of Darwin’s theories, led research expeditions through Siberia and Eurasia, planning to add his own observations to the scientific literature on evolution. But soon enough he was confused and, initially at least, sorely disappointed.

“I failed to find — although I was eagerly looking for it — that bitter struggle for the means of existence, among animals belonging to the same species, which was considered by most Darwinists (though not always Darwin himself) as the dominant characteristic of the struggle for life, and the main factor of evolution,” Kropotkin wrote in his 1902 book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution.(READ MORE)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Video Interview with Ellen Kanner
By Samy AbulEla
We hope you'll enjoy this video interview with Ellen Kanner, author of FEEDING THE HUNGRY GHOST.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Five Ways to Nourish and Renew Your Spirit by guest blogger Renée Peterson Trudeau
By Samy AbulEla

What would it feel like to experience more ease, harmony, and flow in the midst of navigating homework squabbles, mealtimes, commutes, and the other challenges of everyday life? Nurturing the Soul of Your Family is a guidebook for personal and spiritual renewal. It offers nurturing support and practical ideas to guide you toward a new way of being, and in this special guest blog, author Renée Peterson Trudeau offers five ways to renew your spirit.(READ MORE)