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Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life

Most of us have said, “If only I had more time,” as a way of explaining why we aren’t leading our most fulfilling lives. This book turns the concept of time management upside down by presenting exciting new tools for viewing and experiencing your time. Creating Time combines creativity with science in a gorgeous colorful format that presents a fascinating adventure in which you will imagine, create, and completely reshape the way you experience time. Each chapter presents a shift-making concept illustrated by real-life examples, step-by-step introspective processes, and powerful creative projects that inspire a new sense of time, a liberating view of self, and a fresh perspective on the meaning of being human, empowered, and fully alive.

Includes a download link to your FREE Time Expansion Kit!

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“Everyone wants more time, and time multiplies when you read this brilliant book! Creating Time is life changing, full of practical and magical ways to feel free, flowing, inspired, and gifted with time in your life.”
SARK, artist and author of Glad No Matter What

“If you feel like you are always running out of time, if you feel the daily pressure and stress of ‘not enough time,’ this book will expand your mind, open your heart, and YES, give you all the time in the world.”
Arielle Ford, bestselling author of Wabi Sabi Love

“In a society that seems to thrive on making us feel hurried and harried and pressed for time, this book stands firmly in the conviction that we have more time than we think we do and that we’re entitled to every delicious minute of it.”
Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life