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Desire and the Quest for the Beloved

Johnson explores the concept of the Beloved — the elusive, alluring force that beckons us forth to passionate engagement with the world — and shows how our sense of love is often linked to something far greater than ourselves. She explains that mistaking a human lover for the inner, eternal Beloved is the first step in any romance, yet the ability to distinguish between the two ultimately holds the key to our quest for personal freedom and fulfillment.

Steeped in Western and Eastern myth and romantic imagery, The World is a Waiting Lover guides us through story and thought in order to discover passion, Eros, and our authentic selves. It is a personal story and, at the same time, an invitation to explore our individual yearnings to live with fearless authenticity as we find more passion and meaning in our work, relationships, and view of the future.


“Trebbe Johnson has written a beautiful journey of love, desire, and inspiration, a spiritual search for the Beloved in the human heart.”
Judy Collins, singer, author, songwriter, and activist

“In this powerfully original work Trebbe Johnson captures human allurement in its most potent forms, from erotic attraction to love of the earth to spiritual longing. Like any strong magnetic force, The World Is a Waiting Lover is elegant, fiery, and irresistible.”
Brian Swimme, PhD, professor of cosmology at California Institute of Integral Studies and author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“Here is a deep call to enter into the ecstatic mysteries of the heart’s Beloved: do not reject the invitation!”
Caitlín Matthews, author of In Search of Women’s Passionate Soul and The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot

“From colorful threads of personal experience, ancient myths, and modern stories, Trebbe Johnson weaves together a stunning tapestry of the Beloved, mortal and immortal. This candid narrative describes the passion and creativity that enriches life when one encounters the Beloved as soul-guide.”
Nancy Qualls-Corbett, PhD, author of The Sacred Prostitute and Awakening Woman

“ ‘The Beloved beckons us into our own being,’ writes Trebbe Johnson; and as she reveals her quest for Sacred Intimacy, offers us myriad possibilities to allure, attract, and hold the human as well as the divine Beloved. An inspiring, courageous journey, inviting us to live ‘passionately’ ever after.”
Diane Wolkstein, author of Treasures of the Heart: Holiday Stories That Reveal the Soul of Judaism

“Like all good books, this one is seductive. . . . It entices you to fall into your own precious mystery, to let your spirit take flesh as you become a human being, and to let your ordinary life find its spiritual core. . . . Trebbe Johnson’s writing is personal and mythic, social and mystical, concrete and confessional. It is honest and relentless in pursuit of the winged Eros that hovers behind every momentary attraction and persistent obsession.”
— From the foreword by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

The World Is a Waiting Lover is a rich, vivacious treatise on spiritual longing and the allurement of a mystical engagement with life. Like the familiar curves of a once-forgotten lover — compelling and unveiled — these sensual, wisdom-drenched pages will remind you and guide you toward your heart’s ancient passion and your soul’s truest desire; a masterful blending of the personal and archetypal powers on the move.”
Frank MacEowen, author of The Mist-Filled Path

Author: Trebbe Johnson
Product Code: 14794
ISBN: 978-1-57731-479-0
Pages: 320
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