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Finding Spiritual Awakening in a Most Improbable Place

Why has a tiny old mining town straight out of Gunsmoke or Deadwood — Crestone, Colorado — become home to twenty-five spiritual centers representing nearly all the brand-name faiths of the world? And what does this improbable fact mean? With the keen eye of a storyteller, the insights of a scholar, and the heart of a seeker, Jeffrey Paine narrates a truly unique adventure. He explores Crestone’s wintry, oxygen-thin mountain geography; introduces a cast of lovably eccentric characters; and illuminates, through the multiple side-by-side religions, what underlies all faiths. In a world marked by fanaticism and fundamentalism, Paine finds in Crestone a remarkable dedication to coexistence, an intolerance for intolerance. Paradoxically, the town’s amazing spiritual diversity highlights fundamental commonalities in a way that will strike and even inspire believers, agnostics, and searchers of every stripe.



Praise for the work of Jeffrey Paine:

Adventures with the Buddha: A Personal Buddhism Reader

“An anthology of genius.”
Publishers Weekly, (starred review)

Re-enchantment: Tibetan Buddhism Comes to the West

“By far the best of the recent popular books exploring the amazing impact of Tibetan Buddhism. Paine’s witty, erudite, flowing prose creates a memorable album of many characters—saints, rascals, and ordinary folks. He glosses over nothing, is ruthlessly critical where it is deserved, but also secure enough to appreciate the beauty and power of the ‘magic and mystery’: the profound practical wisdom and compassion of Tibetan civilization gone global.”
— Robert Thurman, Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University

“Marvelous! Accurate . . . fair and candid, this book is also a great read.”
— Harvey Cox, Professor of Divinity, Harvard University

“Memorable anecdotes, great storytelling and keen observations.”
— Publishers Weekly

Father India: How Encounters with an Ancient Culture Transformed the Modern West:

“A groundbreaking work. It changes our understanding of India’s role in the spiritual and intellectual rebuilding of a Europe shattered by the Great War.”
— Bharati Mukherjee, San Francisco Chronicle

“I don’t quite know how Jeffery Paine has done it except by subtle and provocative genius, but Father India is an utterly surprising and indispensable book. . . . Learned . . . lively . . . It renders Jeffery Paine’s vast knowledge intimately. Father India is a splendid achievement.”
— Howard Norman, author of The Bird Artist

“A bold thesis, stylishly argued. A book that is challenging and enjoyable.”
The Washington Times

“I admire Father India immensely. Jeffery Paine has taken a superb theme, the impingement of India upon the West, and has written a cogent, ramifying meditation on politics, religion, and the exigencies of personality. Like a good conversationalist, Paine intervenes but never obtrudes. It is a continuous pleasure to see such variety of experience justly and perceptively pondered.”
— Denis Donoghue, University Professor and Henry James Professor of English and American Letters, New York University

Author: Jeffery Paine
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