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New World Library Unshelved

New World Library Unshelved

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Find Animals, Find Yourself

As anyone who has owned a dog or a horse can tell you, getting to know animals often means learning more about ourselves. This insight is at the heart of the two recent New World Library releases profiled below. Lynn Reardon's affection for horses led her across state lines into a fulfilling career, and Kevin Behan's lifelong journey as a dog trainer has revealed a startling new theory of canine behavior. We hope these books will inspire you on your own path, whatever it may be!

Beyond the Homestretch

What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear, and Finding My Inner Cowgirl

by Lynn Reardon

Six years ago, Lynn Reardon was working as a finance manager of a nonprofit in Washington, DC. If you had told her that one day she would run a racehorse adoption ranch in rural Texas, she would have told you that you were crazy. In Beyond the Homestretch Reardon tells the story of her transformation from office drone to racehorse whisperer and director of an organization that has saved more than 750 thoroughbreds from uncertain fates.

In this riveting account, Reardon, who didn't learn to ride until she was an adult, encounters dozens of unruly racehorses, all with special needs, unusual histories, and distinct personalities. She takes readers for a thrilling ride through the horse-racing world filled with offbeat horse people, colorful Texas culture clashes, veterinary melodramas, and surprising life lessons. Reardon may have saved these horses' lives, but they saved hers as well.

Your Dog Is Your Mirror

The Emotional Capacity of Our Dogs and Ourselves

by Kevin Behan

A revolutionary new model for understanding canine behavior, built around the framework of emotion

Many dog owners have long suspected that something is missing from our common understanding of dog behavior. For years dog training has been caught in a tug-of-war between two vocal and sometimes inflexible positions: the alpha/dominance model espoused by the Monks of New Skete and Cesar Millan and the positive approach, in which training is accomplished through treats and reinforcement. In Your Dog Is Your Mirror, dog trainer Kevin Behan proposes a new model for understanding canine behavior: a dog's behavior and emotion, indeed its very cognition, are driven by our emotion. Behan demonstrates that dogs and humans are connected more profoundly than has ever even been imagined — by heart. He posits that, as things now stand in the conventional wisdom and scientific study of dogs, we are completely missing the connection a dog makes possible for us — with nature, and more important, with our own human nature.


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