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Thursday, November 11, 2010
Now Available in Paperback: The Forgotten Horses by Tony Stromberg

The Forgotten Horses:
The Beauty of America's Unwanted Horses

Photographs by Tony Stromberg
Foreword by Robert Redford

“Tony Stromberg's remarkable photographs express the beauty, grace, spirit, and devotion that all horses embody.” — Robert Redford, from the Foreword

“The horses in this book are my heroes. They are the unwanted horses - the discarded, rejected horses who nobody cared about or could see any value in.…They are crooked, lame, ordinary, old, blind, uncontrollable, disrespectful, or unattractive. Many of them are just plain wild, a dirty word in this modern culture. I see tremendous beauty in them, and I want to share that beauty.” — from the Introduction

When horses outlive their usefulness to humans, many are treated as disposable — auctioned off and sent to the slaughterhouse. But thanks to the work of rescue organizations and horse sanctuaries, many of these formerly unwanted horses are enjoying genuine appreciation and newfound freedom. The horses in this book were abused, neglected, abandoned, rejected. Some are crossbreeds with no clearly defined bloodline. Others are wild horses that have been forced off public lands. They are enjoying a second chance to live a meaningful and dignified life.

To document these remarkable creatures, acclaimed equine photographer Tony Stromberg traveled to sanctuaries across North America. While many horse books focus on exotic, flashy breeds or famous thoroughbreds, Tony chose to capture the soul of “working-class” equines — many enjoying love and freedom for the first time. Through gorgeous photography, The Forgotten Horses reveals the profound spirit of these amazing animals and honors the people and sanctuaries that have offered them a well-deserved home.

After more than a decade as one of San Francisco's top commercial photographers, Tony Stromberg followed an inner yearning for more space and stillness and moved to New Mexico to pursue his true passion: fine art photography of his favorite subject, the horse. Tony travels throughout the western United States and Europe in search of the elusive and mysterious spirit of the wild horse, attempting to capture the freedom and power of his subjects on film. He conducts workshops on horse photography, and his photographs appear in select galleries throughout the world. His website is


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