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New World Library Unshelved

New World Library Unshelved

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Introducing the NEW WORLD NOW PODCAST by Social Media Manager Kim Corbin
In the eleven years that I have been a part of New World Library’s publishing team, my life has been deeply affected by the relationships and conversations I have been fortunate enough to have with our authors. They are truly at the forefront of helping to create a new paradigm in this world. 

The awareness and practical tools I have gained inspired me to want to create and host a New World Library podcast, to provide an outlet where I can dive deeper with our authors, in a more intentional way, while sharing their wisdom with others.

I declared my “I want to create a podcast” intention in one of our marketing meetings and began researching how we might make that happen. Soon after that, out of the blue, Jeremiah Samborski from the Unity Online Radio Network contacted us. He wanted to explore the possibility of our having a show on their network — and my podcast vision was well on its way to becoming a reality. 

I am thrilled to announce that the first episode of the New World Now podcast is now available, and the second episode will go live on Thursday, October 20th.  In our debut episode, New World Library publisher and president Marc Allen tells the story of how he went from living in poverty to becoming a multimillionaire — and explains how we, too, can live the life of our dreams. He puts it so simply: our dreams will manifest as soon as they become stronger than our doubts and fears — and he offers simple, concrete practices for moving beyond our limiting beliefs in an easy and relaxed, healthy and positive way.

A new interview will air every other Thursday on the Unity Online Radio Network. The podcast will also be available via iTunes and Stitcher and will be posted on the New World Library YouTube channel and here on our blog as well.   

I haven’t been this excited about a creative project in a long time! My intention with every episode of New World Now is to bring forward practical tools and exercises we can all use to be more aware, mindful, and present in our daily lives now. I also just created a special New World Now Facebook group, where those of us who want to live more awakened lives can gather and discuss recent episodes in real time. Please join us if you are so inspired, and I’ll hope to see you there!

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Kim Corbin is the host of the New World Now podcast

She joined New World Library’s marketing team in 2006, where she joyfully serves as Senior Publicist/Social Media Manager. 


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