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New World Library Unshelved

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

As the world continues to move forward after learning that one of its most beloved performers died by his own hand, the collective ripple effect begins to spread and the energetic ramifications begin to take shape.

In the days following the announcement of Robin Williams’s passing, along with many others around the globe I found myself feeling washed over with a sense of shock, bewilderment, deep sadness, and grief, as though I had lost a dear and intimate friend. I was stopped at random moments throughout the day by spontaneous tears, weeping for a person I had not known personally. I know that I am not alone in this sentiment — that people from all walks of life have also been dealing with the emotions brought up by this powerful heart squeeze.

The global response to Robin’s death is mixed — and varies from sadness, shock, and bewilderment to deep understanding, empathy, and connection to even anger, blame, and outright vitriol.

But the lesson of his life, and his death, goes far beyond the message of suicide and depression. For people in Robin’s position — that is, who have a place on the global stage — are meant to serve everyone they touch, not only those who might share the medical and material aspects of an unfortunate “mental condition.”

Our soul uses our life — all of our life, and our death is a part of our life — to bring light, service, and healing to those we might connect with. Whether in person, on stage, or through film, our service does not have to be reflected in the things we do for one another; it can also manifest in the lessons we can bring to those who are open and ready to receive them and who are vulnerable enough to be touched by them.

Robin’s job as a Lightworker was clearly reflected in the things he did with his life. His ability to make us laugh with his sometimes supernatural brilliance and to touch our hearts with his deeply powerful portrayals of people who were often broken reflected our own inner joy and our own deeply hidden wounds, making him a healer of great power.

But his service as a Lightworker did not end the moment he died. In fact, when viewed from a soul perspective, the impact of his departure only turned up the light on his purpose and ability to serve.

Perhaps you, like me and millions of others around the world, are finding yourself experiencing certain emotions that you are surprised by, given your personal distance from the person and situation causing them. The emotions stirred up by Robin’s transition, regardless of what they are, are meant to be brought into the light — so they can be healed.

Robin clearly had many emotions that were buried deep in the shadows; he did his best to overpower them with his passion and humor. Perhaps in his later years, his desire to excavate them became too exhausting, and despite how greatly he was loved and admired, he was simply too tired to continue digging.

But this does not have to be a tragedy. We can use this part of Robin’s life, this part of his service, to shed light on our own shadows, so they can be excavated and healed. When sadness came up in me and tears began to flow, I realized that Robin was only the trigger bringing to the surface my own deeper sadness from a lifetime of wounds and betrayals that I had not had the courage to feel in the past. The tears were not entirely for Robin — most of them were for me.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling about Robin’s transition and to get real about the emotions that are rising to the surface. You may be feeling sadness, anger, shame, hate, hopelessness, disappointment, ambivalence, or fear — it doesn’t matter what emotions they are. If you are feeling something, Robin is still doing his job in bringing things into the light to serve you.

Let those emotions surface, feel them, face them; allow them to come into the light, where the power of your awareness and observation can transmute them. If you have people you can talk to about these feelings, share with them. If you feel compelled to write, to draw, to sing, to shout, to run, to weep, to hug your dog, to fall to your knees and pray — then do so.

All the energy that has been stored deep in the shadows, allow it to move. Do not deny it, do not hide from it, do not fear it. Despite its darkness, it is a part of you. And when brought into the light, it can be used to serve instead of strangle you.

I believe that there is life and then there is more life. Robin has simply unzipped his physical suit and done it in such a way that it touches us, opens us, and moves us to use his transition to live more life. To live greater life. To live a happier, more joyful life. His service continues.

Thank you, Robin. May your light continue to shine!

# # #

SIMONE WRIGHT, “the Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders,” is the author of First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and uses her intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing-children cases, and corporate business strategies. Visit her online at


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