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New World Library Unshelved

New World Library Unshelved

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Thursday, March 22, 2012
The Sexy Vegan Cookbook & Photo Contest by New World Library Wholesale Accounts Manager Ami Parkerson

I am a bit of a recipe hound. I have stacks of cookbooks that I love to pore over on slow weekend mornings. As a fairly lazy vegetarian, I usually start out my Google recipe searches with “easiest best ever vegetarian…”

Last year, while poking around online in search of something easy, creamy, and preferably carb-heavy, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of “the Sexy Vegan” preparing “Creamy” Asparagus Pasta. This wasn’t your standard cooking video. There was no frilly apron, no immaculate kitchen rigged out with high-end gadgets, not even a steady camera. It was just a hilarious dude, an inspired recipe, a few simple ingredients, and a musical ode to asparagus — yes, it was about how your pee is gonna smell funny! I was hooked and watched video after video, giggling, guffawing, and gleeking all over my laptop.

I shared my discovery with Georgia Hughes, our editorial director, and sent along a few links so she could check out the Sexy Vegan for herself. She too fell in love with his gorgeous food and humorous style. Soon after, she offered Brian Patton — or, as we like to call him, “His Sexiness” — a book deal. We couldn’t be more delighted with the finished book. True to form, The Sexy Vegan Cookbook serves up swoon-worthy food with a generous side of funny.

We were so excited about publishing Brian’s book that we organized a New World Library potluck during a recent lunch hour where all the food was prepared using His Sexiness’s recipes. It was a smorgasbord of tastiness that included Gargantuan Guac (p. 183), Chickpea Party (p. 96), the Almond Brothers Breakfast Bar (p. 56), Ball-Parm Sandos (p. 26), Jambalaya (p. 150), and Shepherd’s Pie (p. 152). Vegans and nonvegans alike agreed that the food was absolutely delicious, and the potluck embodied Brian’s fun and playful spirit, as you can see from the photographs we took to capture the moment.

We’d like to invite YOU to take similarly fun pictures of yourself with The Sexy Vegan Cookbook and a dish that you prepare from it. In fact, Brian is running a photo contest on Twitter for this purpose and is giving away one hundred dollars’ worth of his favorite cooking utensils and a signed copy of his book as the grand prize. You’ll find the scoop about entering on Brian’s website or by watching this video:

Good luck, and may the sexiness be with you!



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