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Bill Philipps

Bill Philipps is a psychic medium who helps the deceased communicate with their loved ones on earth. He conducts individual readings in person, by phone, or via Skype, as well as small- and large-group readings throughout the United States. He lives in Orange County, California.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED with Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

The Truth about Psychic Mediums: An Excerpt from EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED by Bill Philipps

Bill Philipps is one the world’s most renowned psychic mediums. He is also the author of ...

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Reclaim Your Intuition — by Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

I firmly believe that my ability as a psychic medium is a God-given gift, and that not just anybody can become one simply because he or she wants to. Trust me, I know many people who have tried, and without success. But I do believe all people have some psychic intuition...

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