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Brad Warner

Soto Zen priest Brad Warner, the author of books including Hardcore Zen and Sit Down & Shut Up, is a filmmaker, Japanese monster movie marketer, punk bassist, and popular blogger. Warner is the founder of Dogen Sangha Los Angeles.

Don't Be a Jerk - Q and A with author Brad Warner

Don’t Be a Jerk: A talk with author Brad Warner

What is The Shōbōgenzō: The True Treasury of the Dharma Eye and why did you decide to paraphrase it for a modern audience? 

Shōbōgenzō is a very long, very old book by a Japanese philosopher/monk named Dōgen. It was written 800 years...

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A Talk with Brad Warner about There is No God and He is Always with You

Here Brad Warner talks about his new book There Is No God and He Is Always With...

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Evil is Stupid

The idea of moral cause and effect really shouldn’t be so surprising. You know, for example, that if you roll a bowling ball straight down the lane, when it hits the pins at the end, it’s gonna scatter...

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Kill Your Anger

When I really observed my anger, it became apparent that it wasn’t some substance that built up inside me that I could “let out” and be rid of. There was nothing into which anger could be bottled. That...

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